Linux Tip: (no root password for wifi)

I have spent 2 hours dealing with this and i finally have it working.

In opensuse 12.1 you need the root password to create a system connection in network manager. I didn't like this and wanted to be able to connect without a password so here is what i did.

Linux Tip: (hdd temp in conky)

I have had a problem for a while now. I wanted to display my hard drive temp's in conky.

To do this I used this command.

sudo hddtemp /dev/sda

This worked great except for the fact that the conky instance I was using has a .7 second update interval. This made my hard drive light blink constantly and because of where my case was it was quite annoying when watching a movie or something. So to solve this I created a script that I could run in cron that would write the info I needed out to a txt file in my temp directory.

Linux Tip: (commands over ssh)

I have a freenas box and I like to periodically check the smart status on my drives to make sure everything’s OK. I just figured out a really sweet way to do it without lifting a finger.

You can run commands though SSH by using ' around the commands.

Canonical cutting off Kubuntu

I have been an openSUSE user for many years. Because of this I have gotten quite attached to KDE. I have spent very little time using Ubuntu because of my preference to KDE over Gnome. I have however installed Kubuntu on many occasions. My netbook to this day even runs an older version of Kubuntu. I have always found it to be a great KDE distribution. However, apparently it has not been the success that Canonical had hoped for and after 7 years of financial support they have decided that as of version 12.04 this support will end. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though.

No Netflix for Linux

Back when Netflix only rented DVD's I thought it was cool to get DVD's in the mail. However, the coolness whore off quick and I found better and quicker ways to get my content. About a year ago I looked at Netflix again because of their streaming service. I had read the rumors that Netflix was coming to Linux eventually and the idea of being able to legally stream movies and TV shows with no hassle perked my interest. So being a Linux user I dealt with the same BS all Linux users have had to deal with. Mostly trying to run Netflix in a Windows VM. It worked but it was a hassle. I was holding out for the native client that was rumored as being in development hoping that it would not take much longer.


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