openSUSE wants to see your desktop

In a move to make openSUSE even better the art team for openSUSE are compiling information related to how people are customizing their desktops. They want to use the information they collect to design future openSUSE releases.

Andres Silva, in a blog posting explained, "It is not a matter of "I like KDE or Gnome better than others," but rather it is a way for our team to understand how much we tweak and change our desktop environments to meet our needs." You can post your screenshot and description of modifications in the openSUSE wiki. You are also welcome to create and post mockups of features that you would like to see. Who knows, maybe your idea will become part of the next release of openSUSE.

Heres my screenshot, chances are there might be a little intellectual property in mine:

My desktop is created mostly with conky and the wallpaper changes every 2 hours to give it more variety.

In the same blog post we also get to see the next default wallpaper for openSUSE 12.2. Personally I have never been fond of the default openSUSE green and this one honestly looks close to other versions of openSUSE.

Heres a picture of it anyway.

This wallpaper was created by Marcus Moeller, he won the most votes in a recent poll and now gets to have his artwork displayed in the next version of openSUSE.



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