Fight the Narrative.

Many people, including myself, have gotten a renewed interest in politics since the last election. To be perfectly honest until this election cycle I was a political nut that would hibernate for 4 years at a time. However, this year is different. Not simply do to a renewed interest but rather because something happened that scared the crap out of me. I saw this country emulating Nazi Germany. Before anyone freaks out that I am comparing Obama to Hitler keep your pants on, I’m not. Not that I'm discounting that, but that’s not what this post is about. The media complex in this country reminds me of the media in places like Nazi Germany or Russia during the cold war or even North Korea today. The media is so bias that its the equivalent of media reports in Germany during World War 2 that claimed they where winning the war. Complete and total fabricated news stories that people from the outside look in with amazement wondering what evil hold they must have on there people. The ironic part was that many media reports are not fabricated but rather reported in a way to direct a narrative.

The reason this scared me should be obvious but the truth is I was one of those sheep. I have always been conservative but the Liberal media without even me knowing it distorted my perception of my own party to the point where I re registered as an independent. I was discussed with the lack of conservatism in the Republican party and felt that my best alternative was to jump ship.

Like many other conservatives I had a difficult time choosing a candidate. Once Romney won the primaries I knew I had to get behind him for the sake of conservatism in this country but he kind of gave me a bad taste in my mouth. That's when I started researching him. This is when I got shook to my core in fear for America. I found that the bad taste I had for Romney was fake. Every rumor and meme that made me detract from Romney was actually fabricated. Don't get me wrong he was far from a perfect conservative but the image that the media painted of him was just downright media malpractice.

This malpractice didn't just exist on a show here and a show there but rather entire networks. The more I found, the less I looked at the bias towards Romney and the more I looked at the general bias aimed at the Republican party. It was actually shocking but what made it worse was this bias wasn't aimed at liberal America but rather conservative America. The media was creating an image of the Republican party based on its greatest asset, the Tea Party. The Tea Party represents everything the Republican party was, is, and can be again. However, the narrative the media propagated was the Tea Party was an organized political campaign funded by the rich and full of racist rednecks that hate everything America. This realization was depend when I decided to challenge the narrative associated with the biggest conservative activists. Most notably Andrew Breitbart and Rush Limbaugh. According to almost every media outlet in existence these men where racist anti American pigs that wanted nothing but women to stay barefoot and pregnant and the country to deport anyone that wasn't a white Christian. I found really quick that this was simply propaganda. This propaganda was on the same scale that was used in Nazi Germany. Now that the narrative is exposed I look in and am amazed that people actual believe this stuff. The same stuff I once believed. I have been lessening to Rush for about 3 or 4 months now. Before lessening to him I could have sworn I knew what he was all about. I could not have been more wrong. In fact from what I know now I didn't even know what he did. I thought he was a political pundit. That can't be further from the truth.

Yes Rush Limbaugh does talk about politics but hes not a political figure in any way shape or form. Rush Limbaugh is a media activist. Just like the late, great Andrew Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh is our front line to the political bias in media today. While Rush Limbaugh and Andrew Breitbart both attacked the media, they both did it in there own way. Rush uses the medias own hypocrisy to expose the narrative while Breitbart was more like a bull fighter that attacked the media head on. This realization to what the goal of both of these men where hit me like a ton of bricks. The Tea Party isn't actually the Republicans best asset. Its simply a way to distinguish each other from a narrative. The narrative that the Republican party is loosing its way. A narrative that may hold some truth but is distorted in more ways then one. What the biggest asset to the Republican party actually is, is actual Republicans that have had enough. What we need to do is have control of the narrative and that's what Rush Limbaugh does and that's why the media hates him. Not because of who he is but rather what he does.

The media in this country today is the single biggest opponent to the Republican party and those that expose the hypocrisy are branded in ways that we ourselves fall for on a daily basis. I know of more conservatives that don't like Rush Limbaugh for the same reasons I once opposed him. The narrative is he's a bad example of a good conservative. He basically gives us a bad name. However, that can't be further from the truth. The media control’s what we as Americans know and what we believe. By having independent media in the background fighting that narrative it directly effects the direction the narrative flows. A perfect example is when  Andrew Breitbart exposed the group Acorn for there willingness to aid a pimp in starting a business selling underage prostitutes. To embarrass an organization that was directly connected with a sitting president that the media was doing its best to protect from criticism was just not acceptable. Even worse was exposing it in a way that the media could not ignore. They HAD to report it. So they did, along with completely demonizing Andrew Breitbart and James O'Keefe for exposing it in the first place. Remember decent is patriotic, unless your a conservative. However, Andrew Breitbart not only destroyed Acorn but he is responsible for actually changing the narrative enough to force multiple politicians to step down. That's the power we can all have. We are all Andrew Breitbart's.

So what does this tell us? We all know the media is willing to bend over backwards to protect a narrative that follows there agenda. The same company’s that own these media outlets also run the entertainment industry.  Wouldn’t these same company’s be willing to poison the water in an attempt to protect there narrative? Of course they would.

While we sit back and watch the country spiral down under liberal policy’s what can we do but sit back and watch. Actually there’s a lot we can do. With every waking moment we need to fight the narrative. Expose the media for there hypocrisy and change the narrative. We are at war, but not with who you think. This is not a political war any longer. This is a war for the hearts and minds of America. This war can't be won by hibernating for 4 years until the next election. This war can only be won by staying in the game. Conservative donors give billions of dollars to conservative campaigns that obviously can't be won without having a say in the narrative. Conservatives have a tendency by nature to stand back and only get involved when the time comes to be involved. The liberal media complex spends 365 days a year programing America while conservatives only get a few months of air time every 2 to 4 years. This has fundamentally changed the hearts and minds of America.

What we need is equal air time and the way to get that is though conservative principles. While the left has no problem using federal funds to finance propaganda media outlets like NPR, in the name of unbiased reporting, the conservatives need to use the free market to show that we can do it better. We need to stand by our principles and dominate our own media complex. The right today dominates AM radio but the left dominates Hollywood. How can we compete with that? We need to wake up or loose the country, its that simple.



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